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Presidential Decree established the NAHDA University in Beni-Suef (NUB), an Egyptian private university No. 2006/253, has spared no effort in making its way towards excellence desired at a steady pace, thus occupying a prominent position in Upper Egypt, reducing all the difficulties and challenges facing the education sector in the delicate stage we live. 


NUB has taken strides in obtaining accreditation for all its diverse and comprehensive academic programs, for example, the University's programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, computer science, media, marketing, and business administration. This meets the needs of the local and regional community and the labor market requirements, together with access to international credits for some programs and degrees awarded by the University.


Moreover, NUB has begun to connect with many universities in various scientific disciplines, believing that it is necessary to cooperate with local, regional, and international universities in various education fields to ensure education quality.

The University continued to pursue developing academic programs in various fields of knowledge, which formed a whole, tributary fertile ground for the seven colleges of the University, in addition to the University's interest in developing Faculty skills according to international standards and attract outstanding educators, to promote teaching and scientific research; considering local, regional, and international standards.


 In this context, the University has spared no effort to achieve its vision and mission to become a reality. It has provided advanced scientific laboratories and equipped them to suit the requirements of higher education and its foundations, based on the latest technology and educational systems, and to enrich them with various international databases to serve the learning and teaching process in addition to scientific research.


Moreover, NUB promotes student activities, such as attention to student clubs, sports facilities from halls and stadiums, and the holding of training courses; to enrich their educational experience and stimulating their talents and refinement, as part of the preparation for post-graduation.


The University also provides community service with tremendous importance by providing outstanding medical services to the surrounding civil society, providing expertise and advice in various medical, health, and applied fields, and hosting many local and regional campus activities.


Indeed, these outstanding achievements by NUB are confident steps towards universality, which would not have been possible without the efforts of the University's Board of Trustees, represented by its President.


Professor Hossam El-Malahy

 NUB President


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