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Nahda University was ambitiously established with high hopes in the desert area located east of Beni Suef. Many did not imagine that we would create the first pillar in the integrated city of East Beni Suef. We put Beni Suef on the map of growth and progress by renovating the city, creating employment opportunities, and changing the face of life.   

Our Mission 

Our mission is to contribute effectively to the preparation of young people scientifically and morally to be able to compete in research and career fields, and to take leading and enlightening roles in the renaissance of society by providing excellent educational, research and community services. 

Faculties and Departments 

 Faculty of Pharmacy  

• Duration of study is five years  
• The Faculty is awarded a Bachelor’s Degree of Pharmacy.    

Pharmaceuticals and clinical pharmacology  
Drugs and medicinal plants  
Pharmacology and Toxicology  
Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
Microbiology and analytical immunity     


Faculty of Medicine, Oral and Dental Surgery  
• Duration of study is five years  
• The Faculty is awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Oral, Dental Medicine and Surgery.    
Basic Dentistry Sciences  
Industrial replacement of teeth 
Oral and maxillofacial surgery  
Conservative dentistry  
Pediatric Dentistry  
Oral medicine, gums, diagnosis and rheumatism      


Faculty of Engineering  
• Duration of study is five years  

• The Faculty is awarded a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering in the following disciplines:  
Civil engineering
Communication & Computer Engineering 


 Faculty of Computer Science  
 • The duration of the study is four years  
 • The Faculty is awarded a Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science in the following majors:    
 Computer Science
 Information Systems 
 Information Technology  
 Operations research and decision support    
 v Faculty of Media and Public Relations  
 • The duration of the study is four years  
 • The Faculty offers a bachelor's Degree in the following majors:    
 Public Relations and Advertising  
 Radio and television 
 Faculty of Marketing and Business Administration  
 • The duration of the study is four years  
 • The Faculty offers a bachelor's degree in the following majors:    
 Business Management 
 Marketing and e-commerce  
 Management of banks and financial markets    

The study is based on the credit hours system applied by the most advanced universities.   

What does the credit system mean and its benefits? 

The credit hours’ system is based on the student's study of a set of courses specified in the hours approved in accordance with the regulations obtained by the university degree in its specialization. The system has the following advantages:   

1. The student's freedom to choose the subjects it wishes to study in each semester under the supervision of the academic advisor. 

2. The student's freedom to reduce the number of subjects studied in the semester in case it has the necessary circumstances. 

3. The possibility of the student increasing the number of credit hours that it registers for studying in a semester in case it obtains a high cumulative rate according to the regulations. 

4. During the summer semester, the student can study some of the subjects from the next semester or from the subjects that were not approved in previous classes to reduce the academic load on the one hand, and to improve the cumulative adjustment on the other hand. 

5. The student can easily transfer to any other university.  

English is the language of study in the following programs of study: Oral and dental medicine, Computer Science and engineering, and Pharmacy. Meanwhile, for the Faculty of Marketing and Business Administration, there are two divisions to study; one in Arabic and the other in English. As for the Faculty of Media and Public Relations, it has one division in Arabic.  

The academic year consists of the following durations of study:   

- First Semester 

-Second Semester 

- Summer Semester (third) is optional for students and college alike   

* The duration of each of the first and second semesters is (16) weeks of study, including examinations, however, the summer semester consists of (8) weeks of study with double hours, including examinations.   

of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students and the membership of representatives from the supporting body of each faculty as academic mentors for their students. They supervise the students’ course choices, follow up on their academic performances, and help them get through their academic obstacles.   


Course Program for University’s Faculties: 

The courses for each faculty include all compulsory, elective and free courses that the student must complete to obtain the degree.   


The number of hours that a student must pass is as follows: 



Number of hours

required for graduation

Faculty of Dentistry


Faculty of Pharmacy 


Business Management  


Media and Public Relations  


Faculty of Engineering 


Faculty of Computer Science


Students apply for university admission, provided they have passed their high school tests or the equivalent of the total corresponding for the advanced stage. The student shall then perform ability tests to determine their level of the English language and conduct medical examinations. The applicant shall pay administrative fees and test fees before the test dates.    The applicant shall be notified of the acceptance of his or her submission, provided that the student pays the University's registration fee and the expenses of the first semester.    After payment of the fees mentioned above, the student's papers shall be submitted to the Ministry at a stage commensurate with its grades according to the Ministry's instructions. 



Academic Calendar:  

Nahda University announces on its website the academic calendar for each year, which includes the timeline of study in the first semester, second, summer and exam dates, official holidays, and academic guidance dates for each term.   

University Expenses 

University fees shall be paid in three installments.   

The First Installment 

It shall be paid during the month of March, and shall not be refunded.   

Second Installment 

For enrolled students  It shall be paid in the month of July.   

Third Installment 

It shall be paid during the month of November, which is the value of the expenses of the second semester



خطوات التقديم لكليات الجامعة

1. يقوم الطالب بالدخول على بموقع الجامعة .

2. يتم الضغط علي التحق الان 

3. يتم ملئ البيانات المطلوبة للطالب وولي الأمر في الاستمارة الإلكترونية ثم الضغط على زر إرسال طلب التقديم.

4. بعد الضغط على زر إرسال الطلب مباشرة، سيظهر للطالب أسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور الخاص به لاستخدامهم في اختبار القبول بالجامعة.

5. يظهر إذن الدفع لرسوم التقديم بقيمة 1200 جنيه لدفعها في البنك الموضح في إذن الدفع او بخزينة الجامعة

6. يتم اجراء اختبار القبول اليكتروني خلال 24 ساعة من سداد رسوم التقدم والمكون من اختبار لغة إنجليزية وقدرات ثم ينتظر الطالب نتيجة الاختبار

7. في حالة حضور المتقدم بالجامعة يقوم بتقديم المستندات الآتية بالمقر المخصص للتسجيل بمبني كلية الطب .

A. صورة من شهادة الميلاد.

B. صورة من شهادة الثانوية العامة أو ما يعادلها .

وفي حالة التقديم Online يتم إرسال المستندات التالية علي البريد الالكتروني الخاص بالكلية المتقدم اليها 

A. صورة من شهادة الميلاد.

B. صورة من شهادة الثانوية العامة أو ما يعادلها .



البريد الالكتروني


الطب البشري

[email protected]


طب الفم والأسنان

[email protected]



[email protected]


العلاج الطبيعي

[email protected]



[email protected]


علوم الحاسب

[email protected]


إدارة أعمال

[email protected]


الإعلام والعلاقات العامة

[email protected]


8. بعد اجتياز اختبار القبول، ينتظر الطالب نتيجة التنسيق الداخلي بالمجموع تنازليا من الأعلى إلى الأقل وسوف تقوم إدارة شئون الطلاب  بإبلاغ الطالب بالنتيجة وموعد الحضور للجامعة لتسليم أصول الأوراق .




9. يوقع ولي أمر على إقرار بالعلم والموافقة بقواعد الجامعة المالية والأكاديمية ويحصل علي إذن الدفع (مطالبة المصروفات الدراسية).

10. يتوجه ولي الأمر لسداد المصروفات في مقر البنك بأحد فروعة او في المقر المخصص له بمقر الجامعة بكلية الطب البشري .

مع تمنيات جامعة النهضة بالتوفيق لجميع الطلاب


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