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Dear sons and daughters, students of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine at Nahda University . You're most welcome to the new academic year at the premises of Nahda University. Since the establishment of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine , the university has been keen that the Faculty should have a distinct vision to prepare graduates qualified and distinct enough to meet the needs of society through constant care given to the educational process and through raising the level of performance in accordance with international quality standards and abiding by the strategy developed by the Faculty in all fields of academic work, environment service, community development and student activities with the development of a culture of evaluation based on the outputs and revenue. One of the main objectives of that strategy is to create educational, research and cultural renaissance. The Faculty has always been keen on constantly developing according to a comprehensive vision in line with the new changes and quality standards so as to graduate doctors at the highest level academically, professionally and behaviorally. Moreover, the Faculty administration considers taking care of student activities in various cultural, social and sports fields an integral part of the Faculty's overall mission. Finally, the Faculty, represented in the Dean and the Undersecretary and the faculty members, wishes you a fruitful academic year; and we promise that our doors, minds and hearts will be constantly open to you and that the Faculty's resources will be at your disposal for your advancement as potential doctors who will be able to get involved in society and the labor market when you are equipped with knowledge and work ethics. As a result, you will be the best representative of your university, which is considered the largest academic institution in Upper Egypt.