Vision & Mission


To be holistic distinct educational services and applied research to serve the community and development environment in the various engineering fields.


To provide educational services and research services in engineering, according to quality working to encourage students to creativity and produce graduates distinct scientifically and professionally and ethically able to keep pace with technological development and participation leading role in community and environmental development through applied research and consulting services, training and productivity in various engineering fields.

Strategic Objects

  1. Attracting distinguished faculty members and researchers in various engineering fields
  2. Development of skills and capabilities of faculty Staff.
  3. Improving the educational environment to encourage faculty members, researchers and students on innovation, respecting for the time and feeling Job satisfaction.
  4. Revaluing credibility and ethics where the faculty staff and teaching assistants being as a role model for students to follow noble human values.
  5. continuous development of educational programs to meet the requirements of the labor market through various types of learning, teaching and evaluation for students
  6. Graduating students to be high qualified engineers and good scientific researcher capable of leading and developing society for various engineering fields.
  7. Motivation of staff, researcher and students to do a research projects and linking it with industrial environment.
  8. Doing protocols with local and international universities for postgrads studies, research and student exchanging.
  9.  Development of faculty management systems and academic departments 





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