Computer Science

Vision & Mission


Provide an excellent learning environment to graduate qualified students, and preparation of competent professionals equipped with theoretical and practical foundations in the field of computers and information and decision support and can provide scientific advice and technical support to the different agencies and meet the labor market requirements, and contribute to the development of society by using the latest methods and modern techniques.




Faculty of Computer Science –Nahda University is an excellent faculty characterized by distinct quality and following national standards and aims to improve the scientific and practical level to achieve a prominent place among the Computer and Information Science faculties with emphasis on the technological capabilities of the different categories of community development.





  • Preparation of specialists in computer science and information, networks and multimedia operations research and decision support and qualified theoretical foundations and application methodologies to enable them to compete in computer information technology development.
  • To provide scientific advice and practical assistance, and training courses for different agencies in different areas of specialization.
  • Prepare graduates, according to the labor market's needs in modern fields of computer science and information systems through specialized diplomas.
  • Organization of conferences and specialized workshops to upgrade the scientific and educational technical cadres.
  • Hold scientific agreements with corresponding agencies and institutions at the local level and globally to exchange views and experiences and conduct scientific research related to the various areas of specialization of the College.
  • Moral development and construction of the student's personality to be a successful citizen in the community.


  • Emphasis on the quality of the educational process and its development according to the needs of society.
  • Provide and strengthen the means of publication and scientific research in various areas of specialization.
  • Conducting studies and scientific and applied research in computers and information directly impacts the integral development of society.




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  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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