Mass Communications

Faculty Staff

Faculty Staff

Prof . Adel Abdelghafar, Professor of Radio & Television

Dr. Abu Bakr ElSalhy, Associate Prof. of Journalism

Dr. Maha Fathy, Teacher of  Radio & Television

Dr .Handy Ghareeb, Teacher of Journalism

Dr. Nahla Nasht, Teacher of Journalism

Ms.Aisha Abou Hadab ,  Assistant  Teacher Of Journalism

Ms.Engy Bahgat,  Assistant  Teacher Of Radio & Television

Ms.Heba Magdy,  Assistant  Teacher Of Radio & Television

Ms.Eman Abdel-Kader,  Lecturer Of Radio & Television.

Mr.Hamdy Rabiee, Lecturer Of Radio & Television

Ms.Amira Amir, Lecturer Of Radio & Television

Mr.Ahmed Hady, Lecturer Of Radio & Television

Mr.Esraa Mohamed Shokry Mohamed, Lecturer

Mr.Eman Rabie Taha Mohamed, Lecturer



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