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My sons and daughters: male and female students of the College of Business Administration at Nahda University. Welcome to the College of Business Administration at the prestigious Nahda University; this is one of the most prominent beacons for Egypt's renaissance of knowledge. The college aims to qualify graduates scientifically and professionally in line with the labor market's needs to achieve sustainable development and entrepreneurship, in line with modern trends in developed countries.

To achieve this goal, the College of Business Administration seeks to move to a distinct type of education, which is education linked to institutions, by twinning with some distinguished universities, business institutions, and local and international Non-Governmental organizations to achieve educational and professional distinction for college graduates by developing current programs and teaching methods in them as well as adding programs. Academy for undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional degrees in partnership with foreign universities with a competitive advantage in their specializations to improve the graduate's educational quality and obtain academic accreditation for the college.

The Faculty grants students a bachelor's degree in the following fields:

  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and E-commerce
  • Banking and Capital Markets Management

Besides, in the framework of achieving integration between educational institutions and professional institutions, the college seeks to establish partnerships and protocols with some companies and factories to convert to institution-related education to improve the quality of the educational process and link it to reality by providing training opportunities and reciprocal visits to students between the University and specialized professional institutions to connect students with industry. Or the professions, which qualify them to enter the labor market forcefully and help them build a network of relationships with industry sectors and related establishments.

Best wishes to all, and welcome to the College of Business Administration at Nahda University

Dean of Faculty of Business Administration

Prof. Ahmed Fathi Elkhadrawy 


  • Address : Beni Suef- Nile East- Traffic road .
  • Hotline: 19206
  • Fax : 0822284688
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  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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