Business Administration

Vision & Mission

The faculty vision


It's an Egyptian faculty that seeks to occupy a prominent place among international faculties. It is distinguished in performance and responding to the needs of the society. It's capable of recruiting distinguished students, and it's a source of producing brilliant graduates. It is also a lighthouse of science and research. 


The faculty mission 


The College should be a scientific and research center in management and entrepreneurship, able to compete in the labor markets by providing distinguished educational programs for women's standards and providing training and advisory services that achieve the union's sustainable development.

Strategic objectives

The faculty of  business administration strives to achieve the following objectives:


1- preparing specialists in the domains of marketing and business administration, Accounting, Managerial information systems, Bank management, and money markets who are qualified theoretically and practically and can compete locally and internationally in their field of specialization and its various branches. 

2- Conducting innovative studies and researches in various areas of specialization.

3- Providing institutions and different parties with the needed consultations, scientific assists, and Applied assists in various fields of specialization.

3- Qualifying the Faculty's graduates according to the labor market's needs in the advanced marketing domain and information technology through specialized diplomas.

4- Paying due attention to practical training and creating job opportunities.

5- Organizing specialized conferences and workshops with a view of raising the scientific and educational levels of specialized cadres.

6- Holding scientific agreements with corresponding organizations and institutions at the local and international levels to exchange views and experiences and conduct scientific research connected with the various Faculty's specialization domains.

7- Stressing the quality of the educational process and its development according to society's needs.

8- Supplying and supporting means of publication of scientific researches in all fields of specialization.

9- Paying due attention to students ' sports, culture, social, and health care.



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