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The QA unit aims to promote the culture of quality assurance and performance assessment at all levels of the academic system, research activities, and services provided by the Faculty while abiding by the National Authority for Quality Assurance standards Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE). The QA unit also seeks to develop an ongoing process for institutional and academic performance enhancement to upgrade the competencies and competitiveness of the Faculty graduates and gain the confidence of our stakeholders to achieve a comprehensive quality assurance system and earn accreditation.

Strategic Objectives:

 The QA unit aims to adopt follow-up and performance assessment mechanisms at all levels of the academic system, research activities, and services provided by the Faculty while abiding by the standards set by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) to realize the mission and objectives of the Faculty by:

  • Ensuring that all NAQAAE terms and conditions are fulfilled and assisting the Faculty in establishing a quality assurance system will lead to its accreditation.
  • They are promoting the concepts and culture of quality among staff members and employees in the various Faculty departments, thus achieving performance excellence
  • .
  • They were developing and enhancing the Faculty's institutional and human resources in a way allowing the Faculty to excel through specialized training programs.
  • Establishing an internal verification system for performance assessment for all academic and research activities, administrative tasks, and services; to ensure the realization of the Faculty objectives and improve its outcomes.
  • They are improving the quality of the Faculty academic programs, consequently improving the graduates' qualifications and increasing their competitiveness.
  • We are enhancing the research activities system by adopting a comprehensive research plan to ensure collaboration between different departments, scientifically solving community problems, and ranking the Faculty among international institutions.
  • Upgrading community services ensures offering distinguished services, qualitatively and quantitatively, to gain our clients' confidence and approval.
  • Establishing a system to measure and assess the Faculty performance (academic benchmarks – the quality of educational opportunities – community service - research and scientific activities – quality assurance effectiveness and development

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