Physical Therapy


First, why join physical therapy? With the increasing development and advancement of physiotherapy, physiotherapy became the primary treatment for many diseases after it was an auxiliary medical profession. Still, it became the only treatment of other illnesses and intervened in specialties that were not expected to use physical therapy. It is no longer only for treating cases of bones, nerves, and children, but also for treatment Obstetrics and gynecology, chest and internal diseases, the elderly, surgery, dermatology, nose and ears, etc., which made the demand for physiotherapy graduates increasing dramatically and rapidly in all countries of the world, and then the need for enrollment in physiotherapy colleges also increased and the opening of physiotherapy colleges, especially "How beautiful it is for God to make the healing of a human being on your hands without Surgery or medicine."

Second: Why Al-Nahda University?

 Al-Nahda University, headed by Professor Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi, has all his educational and teaching experience, who witnessed the development and modernization of all faculties and fields by his hand. Since we took over the tasks of establishing the Faculty of Physical Therapy at the University of Nahda, there were four main axes for the establishment of the Faculty of Physiotherapy that is not only distinct but also unique, and these axes she:

  1. The regulation: All physiotherapy colleges inside Egypt teach the same rules and the same subjects and approximately the same number of accredited hours with minor differences that are not essential, including the list of Nahda University, where I already submitted the list before I assumed my duties and was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, but it can be developed. The regulation is updated annually in line with global requirements.
  2. Institutional capacity: Al-Nahda University has allocated for us all the material resources to equip the faculty laboratories with the latest equipment for teaching and training students in addition to the latest educational and training methods
  3. The best teaching personnel have been recruited, qualified, and able to deliver information, follow up on students, and develop students' skills and research aspects.
  4. International agreements that provide al-Nahda University graduates with job opportunities in most European and Gulf countries through one of the largest health care companies that run hospitals and health centers in those countries with a total of more than a hundred thousand beds and work is underway on a cooperation agreement with a university in the USA.

My sons and daughters, you are the first batch of the Faculty of Physical Therapy Al-Nahda University. You have a special place for us, especially with Professor Dr. Hussam Al-Mallahi, President of the University, who did not and will not spare us. You must make an effort to make our college the best college in the Middle East.

My sons and daughters, I recommend to you from now, as I used to do with my sons and daughters when I was dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy at Cairo University for seven years. The most important advice to all of you was to fear God in your patients and not to exaggerate your reward in return for their treatment, and for your real gain to be that God bless you in it and be sure that calling him a sick or father or mother of a sick child, may God heal on your hands is better for you than the treasures of the world, may God guide us and you to what he loves and pleases.

Prof. Alaa Balbaa

Dean of Faculty of Physical Therapy- Nahda University



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