Enrollment System   

The applicant shall apply for admission to the university, provided that the student has passed the general secondary examinations or the equivalent. The application shall be accompanied by a 500 word essay. 

The applicant shall be notified of the tests that determine his or her level of English language, while also taking computer, medical examination and tests for the colleges. 

The applicant shall pay administrative fees and test fees within a maximum of three days prior to the examination dates. 

All applicants shall be subject to a medical examination that determines the individual’s medical fitness in accordance with the health standards of the colleges. It is disclosed in the approved centers or the medical administration of the university.

As for applicants to the faculties of pharmacy, engineering, dentistry and media, the applicant shall be tested further for the specialized abilities in the desired field while ensuring transparency and equal opportunities. 

The college shall determine its own capacity tests. 

After the student passes the tests, an appointment shall be scheduled for an interview. 

The applicant shall be notified of the acceptance of its submission, provided that the applicant pays the university registration fee and the expenses of the first semester. 

After the university receives results of secondary school and payment of tuition fees, the applicant's papers shall be submitted to the Ministry at a stage commensurate with its grades according to the Ministry's instructions. 

In case the student does not fulfill the grades requirement in any of the three stages specified by the ministry, the student shall not be accepted to the university. 

Candidates who fail the tests shall be notified that they will not be accepted as soon as the test results are announced.  - Applicants who have been accepted will be notified of the registration dates and procedures after the result of the stage in which their papers were submitted. 

The applicant shall be admitted to the qualifying course if it passes the admission tests by 50% to less than 70%. 

In this case, the applicant shall be admitted to the college it wants, provided that the provision of general secondary student, and it is not allowed to enroll in the academic program, it is only allowed to register an English language course, a computer and logical thinking course for one semester of 15 hours a week. 

In the event that the student fails to pass any of the above-mentioned courses in the 70% degree percentile that allows it to enroll in the academic program in the following semester, students shall be required to repeat the courses up to a maximum of two times, after that, the student will be considered to be ineligible and not enrolled in college. 

After passing the mentioned courses, the student shall be allowed to enroll in the academic program as a whole.   


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