Pharma Training Factory


The factory is well designed and implemented for the training of students of pharmacy. It contains a group of equipment and machines that are valuable for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. Additionally, it contains a data show and a presentation system that is very comfortable and helps demonstration of presentations and lectures using the most recent technology. 

The equipments available can be utilized in so many pharmaceutical manufacturing purposes as follows: 

1. Tablet manufacturing equipments starting from dealing with raw materials including mixing, sieving, granulation, milling, weighing & finally compression.
2. A complete set of equipment for the quality control of the prepared tablets from weight variation, friability, disintegration, thickness and hardness.
3. A unit for preparation of pellets (Pelletizer) for the preparation of pellets to improve the bioavailability of drugs.
4. Some units for preparation of topical dosage forms as homogenizers and mixers.

So it is excellent center for teaching and training undergraduate students and doing research by postgraduate students and for production of some preparations for hospitals on small scale


  • ADDRESS : Banisuef sharq el Nil Mror Road .
  • CALL US : 19206
  • FAX : 0822284688
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  • OPENNING TIME : Saturday - Thursday 9am to 4pm
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