The process of guiding students to register for their courses throughout their academic careers shall be conducted under the supervision of their faculty members. New students will be guided by a faculty member responsible for supervising the student directly. As for the remaining students, they will handle the registration process electronically, and an advisor will review the classes they have chosen in order approve or disapprove their semester program. If the advisor does not agree with the courses picked by the student that has registered electronically, the advisor will contact the student about fixing his semester program. 
During the first two weeks of the academic semester, the student will be allowed to drop and add classes which will be done by student’s academic advisor.     The third and fourth weeks shall be devoted to removing courses that the student does not wish to continue for the remainder of the semester. This process will also be supervised an academic advisor. Discontinued or withdrawn classes do not affect the student's GPA.    The academic advisor shall review all the courses the student has completed, including the student’s final year of study, to make sure that the student taken all of the required classes for the student’s degree program


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