Student Union

Student Regulations: 

• Student Unions in Egyptian universities are legal organizations that express the views of students and their ambitions in faculties and universities. Student       unions carry out all student activities and sponsor their collective interests. Student Unions serve an academic purpose to aid students and represent their needs and their activities throughout their academic careers. 

• Student Unions are represented through students that are enrolled in undergraduate programs obtaining their bachelor degrees.   

• The Union Council of each university shall announce specific timelines, and all decisions shall be approved by the university president prior to the commencement of the elections within 7 days.   

• Every enrolled student shall be entitled to vote without any restrictions.   

• The validity of the elections in the committees of the Union of Faculty Students is required to attend any number of students who have the right to vote in each division.    The University Students Union includes the following committees:    (Committee of Families and Trips - Sports Activity Committee - Political and Cultural Committee - Committee on Mobility and Public Service - Technical Committee - Social and Student Affairs Committee - Scientific and Technological Activity Committee)    Membership Terms: 

• The student must have Egyptian nationality. 

• The student must be newly-enrolled. 

• The student must have paid tuition fees. 

• The student must have no previous violations to the university’s rules and code of conduct. 


  • Address : Beni Suef- Nile East- Traffic road .
  • Hotline: 19206
  • Fax : 0822284688
  • Email :
  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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