Sports Activities 

• The university has sports teams and teams in the games, such as: soccer five, volleyball, basketball, karate, swimming, and table tennis.   

• The university provides weekly training for students in each of the five-player football for students, such as volleyball, basketball, karate, table tennis for both male and female students.   

• The university offers a full activity lounge which includes a modern gymnasium with changing rooms, billiards, table tennis, a PlayStation 3 and 4 room, a music room, a TV room, and the Student Union lounge. 


• Multipurpose legal stadium with seating for volleyball and basketball.   

• Industrial playground legal dimensions for the five-player football stadiums 

The Youth Welfare Department of the University organizes a league for each semester which includes football, billiards, chess, table tennis and PlayStation games.   The university awards prizes to players and students that excel in the activities.

The university offers 3 degrees for outstanding students in activities.

The university also provides free and subsidized trips for students.   

The university is involved in official and friendly competitions.

The university participates in competitions offered by the Egyptian Sports Federation of Universities Al Shaheed Al Rifa'i (Egyptian universities and institutes league), and sector league for private universities. 

Arab Tournaments 

The ninth Arab football tournament for students from Arab universities   

Friendly Tournaments 

Friendly matches between Nahda University teams and other university teams, including the American University in Cairo, MSA, the Canadian Institute, and Helwan University.   

The University is also interested in activities for female students: 

It provides training for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, karate, and includes exclusive hours for training in the gym.   


The University provides an explorer teacher and tools to train and qualify students to participate in official and friendly (Exploration) competitions with other universities.   

Technical Activity

The theater team has a distinct performance and offers every year a play for students. It is offered more than once throughout the year. The theater team participates in competitions at the university level which achieves advanced results and has a prominent role in the activity. The theater team has also participated in the Ibda'a 2 competition, and achieved the fourth place at the level of Egyptian universities, and 3 individual actor awards.   

The Choir Team  Participates in an annual ceremony every year during the closing ceremony of the activity in addition to participating in the competition Ibda'a 2, and has obtained second place in religious singing at the level of participating universities.

Photography and Drawing 

An exhibition of painting and photography was organized, and the exhibition was evaluated by the Under-Secretary of the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University. The photography department also participated in Ibda'a 2 competition.  

Cultural Activities 

1. The university organizes cultural competitions in poetry, scolding, articles, short story, wall newspapers to select outstanding students. 

2. Organize symposia for poets and conduct competitions to select the best poet. 

3. Celebrating the victories of October, hosting the hero of the October, holding a symposium on this occasion, a documentary film about the October victories, and a concert on the occasion

Scientific and Cultural Trips Scientific Trips: 

1. Sigma Company. 

2. Nile Pharmaceutical Industries Company. 

3. Sayed Pharmaceutical Company. 

4. Vaccines Holding Company. 

5. Smart Village. 

6. Stock Market. 

7. Pepsi Cola Factory. 

8. Media Production City. 

9. Scientific conferences at Hilton Green Plaza Hotel in Alexandria. 

Cultural Trips: 

1. Organize trips to the Giza Pyramids, Castle, Book Fair, and the Egyptian Museum. 

2. Organize visits to the Department of Public Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior to clarify the role and duties of the Ministry of Information. 

3. Organize visits of the second field army in Ismailia (Faculty of Communication). 

4. Organize visits to the 6th of October Panorama and the Ismailia Memorial (Faculty of Communication). 

5. Organize programs with Egyptian Television for the first and distinguished students in the activities.  

Social Committee: 

1. Organize visits to the families of martyrs. 

2. Organize visits to the elderly home. 

3. Organize visits to the orphanage. 

4. Organize visits to hospital 57, and buying a device on behalf of the university 

5. Celebrate Orphan Day. 

6. Cultivation of 2000 lemon trees

Summer Training for Students - 
 Entity for summer training: 

1. Hospital. 

2. Fizer Company. 

3. Sayed Pharmaceutical Company. 

4. Serum and vaccine. 

5. Pharmaceutical control. 

6. El Ezaby Pharmacy Group. 

7. Ahli Bank. 

8. Bank of Alexandria. 

9. Four Seasons. 

10. Central Bank.   


1. The ideal student competition.   

2. Sharjah Ibda'a 2 competition organized by the Ministry of Youth: The university participated in the artistic activity (theater - photography - choir). The university won fourth place at the level of Egyptian universities in the theater. It won first, second and third place in the Singles Theater. The choir also won first place in religious music.    

3. The cultural activity: The University participated in Sharjah Ibda'a 2 competition (Poetry - Story - Article), and won fourth place in poetry at the level of Egyptian universities.    

4. The first Renaissance Festival for the Environment and Sports included competitions, art exhibitions, a song, and planting trees.   

5. In honor of the October war victories, the university organized a cultural competition. Distinguished prizes were distributed to the first place.  

Conditions for selecting the ideal student  

1. The student has passed its second year at university.  

2. The cumulative average shall not be less than 50.2.  

3. It has not been transferred to a disciplinary board or has been subjected to any penalty of dismissal or deprivation for any reason.  

4. To be reputable among its colleagues.  

5. Nominated by the College Administration.  

6. Paid the full tuition fees.  

7. To submit its application by a maximum of Monday 17 April.  

8. Approval of the nomination from the College Administration and the Presidency of the University.  

9. The candidate student shall pass the exams prepared by the Presidency of the University, supervises it and sets a date later thereof.   

Language.  - Scientific level  - Cultural level  - General Information  - Personal and appearance  - Practice activity   

10. The winner is declared after the approval of the University’s President 

11. Submitting for candidacy shall be in the Youth Welfare Department  


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