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The unit of the English language is one of the big pillars at Nahda University. Its role does not stop at teaching the language and lecturing only, but also works on preparing a new generation that seeks to develop their society and to introduce skills of critical thinking, language and communication among their students.   

The English language unit is distinguished by lecturers who have worked inside and outside Egypt and are highly proficient in English.   

The English Language Unit teaches three different and distinct levels that meet the needs of university students and equip them with skills needed in the labor market.   

The English language program is divided into three levels, each of which is a full academic year. After determining the level of the student when applying to the university through the test to determine the level of English, students shall be accommodated at the appropriate level of their abilities. The first level is aimed at students with a lower than average level in English, which it aims to develop and enhance students' listening skills and speaking skills, in addition to training on basic principles of academic writing style.   

The second level is designed for middle and above average students, and develops their skills of academic writing for students to reach a more comprehensive and detailed level through the formulation and review of sentences, paragraphs, and articles. It also aims to develop students' skills in speaking English and listening to speech fluently and proficiently.   

The third level is aimed for students at the advanced level, to develop the skills of scientific research among students and to introduce critical thinking skills and creativity of our students. Language and communication skills are also taught to help students write comprehensive academic research papers, which are the pillars of methodology in scientific research

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 جدول امتحانات اللغة الإنجليزية للنظامين القديم وأبتك لنهاية الفصل الدراسي الثاني للعام الدراسي 2018 / 2019


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