Student Hostel

University Cities:

The University has Student Hostels at a high level that provides all modern accommodation services and student housing safety. The University Cities includes a lounge, reception hall, reading and study hall, prayer hall, and entertainment facilities. There are a large restaurant and cafeteria inside the Hostels to serve students to provide comfort safety. The University Cities includes single, double and triple rooms with air conditioning with the latest and finest modern furniture, and a daily room cleaning service is also provided.

University Cities supervisors are responsible for providing comfort, safety, and regularity of life and adherence to instructions inside University Cities, and maintaining behavioral discipline for students.

General rules in the university cities:

  1. We are implementing the instructions for student housing in the city.
  2. Commitment to the etiquette of treatment with University city workers and colleagues.
  3. We are preserving all facilities and equipment of the University City and rooms.
  4. We are maintaining general cleanliness and cleanliness of rooms.
  5. Non-smoking.
  6. It is knowing and adhering to the fire rules and assembly points.
  7. Commitment to good behavior and moral discipline.

Room use:

  1. The student uses the room for sleeping and studying.
  2. Not to place any electrical appliances in the rooms without written permission (exception for computers).
  3. Not eating hot meals inside the rooms.
  4. Do not post or stick any posters inside the rooms.
  5. Not to wastewater consumption and maintain it and immediately report any damage or water leakage.
  6. Never leave the lights on without using.
  7. Not to use the personal computer to play songs or videos in rooms with a loud voice.
  8. Do not disturb the rooms and observe neighborhood etiquette.
  9. Not hosting colleagues inside the room and holding meetings in the salon designated for that in the building.
  10. Preserving the valuables in the commode drawer and keeping the key.
  11. The student's Properties are his responsibility, and the university administration makes every effort to preserve them. It is the student's responsibility, and the university administration is not responsible for its loss or damage.


There is a deposit box in the university administration, and the terms of its use are inquired from the Secretary-General's office.


The university city administration undertakes the maintenance of cleanliness generally. The room's cleanliness is the student's responsibility, as every resident of the city must take care of the cleanliness and arrangement of his properties and not leave leftover food and get rid of any waste immediately. And students must notify the supervisor of the appropriate dates for them so that the city administration can carry out the cleaning process. The room occupants shall allow the workers to enter to carry out the daily cleaning and maintenance work, as the workers clean the bathroom, floors, and furniture only, and the student must arrange his bed and books and keep his clothes and tools.

Accommodations and malfunctions: -

Students must report any malfunction as soon as it occurs according to the service request. Any failure in the services provided by the University must be registered.

Use of washing machines: -

  1. Washing machines are used under the supervision of the university city supervisors.
  2. Use only washes powders for automatic washing machines.
  3. Do not leave clothes inside the washing machine.
  4. The washing machine does not run with a small number of clothes to preserve its integrity.

Appointments and visits:


To maintain the tranquility of the University City, the following rules must be observed:


  1.  Follow security instructions regarding visits by parents.
  2. Follow the instructions and regulations governing the entry and exit of students from the city.
  3. It is forbidden for parents to be present except in the places and appointments they are allowed.
  4. It is forbidden to host any students, relatives, or friends from outside the city for any reason.




  1. According to the cost price, the student shall bear the value of the furniture or equipment he destroyed.
  2. The student will be referred for investigation in case of violating the city’s regulations.
  3. The student will be referred to a disciplinary board if any prohibitions are detected in his room.
  4. In the case of smoking inside places not designated for that, the ID is withdrawn and applies the adequate smoking regulation.
  5. For serious violations, the student is referred to the Disciplinary Board.


  • Address : Beni Suef- Nile East- Traffic road .
  • Hotline: 19206
  • Fax : 0822284688
  • Email :
  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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