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Central Research Center   

The mission of the university is education, scientific research and community service. Accordingly, one of the most important basic components of the university is the Center for Scientific Research, which consists of researchers and various specialized laboratories with the aim of providing faculty members, supporting body members and members of the research body the ability to conduct experiments, scientific research and applied according to the research plans of the University, as well as to obtain a master's degree and doctorate until the university completes its scientific cadres of its sons and graduates, and by completing the physical environment of the Research Center, as well as research cadres. The University can obtain a license to establish the Faculty of Graduate Studies and to grant master and doctorate degrees from Nahda University. The University will also participate through the research center with other universities and research centers in Egypt and abroad in several internationally funded research projects to deal with the problems facing the world.    Accordingly, Prof. Dr. Siddiq Afifi, President of the University, approved the establishment of the University Research Center in August 2012, and entrusted me with its administration. I have prepared the university research center project, including the objectives of the center, the mechanisms of establishing research laboratories, conducting research, scientific publishing and other scientific activities, as well as the Center's vision and mission. The project was presented to Prof. Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, Vice President - General Supervisor of the Research Center. I hereby present only the Center's vision and mission

Vision Research Center 

“We believe that the primary objective of knowledge is to serve the local, regional and international community by engaging with others in the conduct and dissemination of research and studies in the various applied sciences and humanities and to apply them in appropriate community activities”   

Research Center Message 

The Nahda University Research Center seeks to be one of the best research and service institutions in the field of advanced scientific research and continuous participation in the service of the community at the national and international level to meet current and future challenges.   

Objectives of the Research Center: - 

1. Raise scientific research at Nahda University in various fields to achieve a positive reputation on linking scientific research with society.  2. Raise the international classification of Nahda University through the dissemination of scientific research that has been done in the world periodicals to achieve the status of advanced among the universities of the world.

3. The outlook for achieving self-sufficiency from faculty members, whereas, the promotions of the teaching staff are mainly based on their master's and doctoral degrees in the research center.

4. Contribute to the development of the university's resources either through the sale of experimental animals, conducting researches for the benefit of third parties, or using the equipment of the Research Center for researchers at the level of the Republic <- This is not Star Wars. In all cases, the Center shall be required to mention the name of Nahda University on all published research, which contributes to raising the world ranking of the university. 

5. Expand the research culture inside or outside Nahda University under the leadership of the university by holding scientific seminars and training workshops using the equipment available at the center.  

• Second: Components of the Research Center:  

1. House of experimental animals and laboratories attached thereto: -  
- It is designed according to the standard specifications of scientific research. In the animals' home, pure strains of experimental animals, including mice, are specially hybridized and used in scientific research for masters and doctoral students, both to university faculties and to other universities. The design of the Center allows for any conditions necessary for conducting research experiments. 

- Breeding and production of experimental animal breeds of practical college students are small mice, as the center aims to achieve self-sufficiency to ensure the quality and used purity of breeds, and provide a material return for purchase. 

- The Animal House has a laboratory for the injection of the animals for which the experiments are carried out, with equipment for separating the samples used in the different research measurements.  

1. Research Laboratories: 

 Five research laboratories in different disciplines are equipped with modern scientific instruments used in the measurement of samples. They were divided according to specialization. 

These devices are used to conduct experiments on scientific messages for faculty members and research on faculty upgrades, in addition to being a source of resource development at the university.

These devices are also used to hold training workshops contributing to the development of university resources.  


Achievements of the Research Center:  

First: Completion and implementation of several scientific messages and dissemination of research:    A total of 24 masters and doctoral dissertations were completed, and the research is still underway in the number of 36 Master and 24 PhD, in addition to publishing 38 research papers in international journals and conferences as follows: 



 Achieving 100% self-sufficiency in experimental animals for the teaching staff required by scientific research. 

• Self-sufficiency for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy from experimental animals used in practical lessons by about 70%. Full self-sufficiency is under way at the end of this year.   

Fourth: Increase the income by conducting researches in the center for the benefit of third parties from different Egyptian universities with a financial fee.   

Fifth: Increase income through the sale of experimental animals to postgraduate students in Egyptian universities.   

Sixth: Present scientific lectures related to how to submit research projects to obtain funding and dissemination of research culture at the university.   


• Future Plan of the Research Center at the University: - 

1. Achieve complete self-sufficiency through resource development or production of experimental animal breeds. 

2. Hold training workshops for faculty and faculty support staff and allow the attendance of different universities for a fee. 

3. The establishment of a scientific journal in the name of the Nahda University accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities to disseminate research from around the world.

4. Conduct more research by increasing the number of different devices to achieve the demands of different disciplines in order to achieve self-sufficiency of the members of the teaching. 

5. Develop the thinking of continuous education related to scientific research and the work of applied research projects related to the environment in different directions.  


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