A delegation of professors from the University of Nahda visits the training sector in the Ministry of Military Production

In step is the first of its kind, a delegation of faculty members of the University of Nahda visited the training sector in the Ministry of Military Production in order to find out the latest laboratories and equipment in the sector that serve scientific research.


The delegation of the University of Nahda expressed its interest in establishing cooperation between the university and the training sector in the Ministry of Military Production and the necessity of benefiting the university students from the technology owned by the sector and the center of excellence.


It is worth mentioning that the University of Nahda Center for the Care of Inventors had signed a protocol of cooperation between the Center and the Training Sector and the Center of Scientific and Technological Excellence in the Ministry of Military Production under the patronage of Dr. Sadef Afifi, President of Al Nahda University. During the visit, five inventions were presented by the Center. Training down to manufacturing.


The delegation was received by Major General Engineer Mohamed Ghaith, Head of Training and Accountant Sector Mohamed Fouad Ragheb, First Vice-Minister of Military Production, Brigadier General Naji Shehab, Director of Marketing Department in the Training Sector, Dr. Mohamed Glouche, External Relations Officer and a group of senior officials of the training sector. Faculty of Engineering at Al-Nahda University as President and member of Dr. Muslehi Salah Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Dr. Ali Jamal Rabie - Dr. Rajab Riyad and a group of faculty members at the University of Nahdha For his part, Dr. Siddiq Afifi said he looks forward to cooperating with the body of the oldest of the founders The role of civil society is always supportive, supportive and complementary to state institutions.


Hisham Al-Hawari, Director of the Center of the Renaissance University for the care of inventors, said that the visit is a reflection of the protocol signed between the two parties, which is considered important in the role of supporting the state and scientific institutions for the role of science and inventors.


A number of newspapers published on their websites visit the Nahda University Training Sector in the Ministry of Military Production

Donia Al Watan Al Wafd