Hosting of the University of Nahdha for the General Staff of the War of Adel Al - Amda Advisor Nasser Academy of Education

Under the auspices of Ad / Siddiq Afifi President of the University of Renaissance And attended by the Vice President of the University, Dr. Suad Abdel-Khaliq  For education and student affairs  Al-Nahda University hosted Major General Arkan Harb Adel Al-Omda, Advisor to the Nasser Military Academy at the University Theater on Monday 5/2/2018, which gave a lecture to the students of military education on the plans of division, threats and challenges and their impact on Egyptian and Arab national security.  The students expressed their great pleasure in the lecture and the valuable information provided to them, especially in light of the events that the country is undergoing It is worth mentioning that this lecture is part of the military education plan for university students


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