Hosting the Faculty of Engineering, University of Al Nahda (Fabrication Lab)

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Sadek Afifi - President of the University


And Dr. Suad Mohammed, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs


And in light of the University's keenness to raise the level of its graduates and meet the needs of the market and raise the level of education


 The Faculty of Engineering, University of Nahda led by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Seddik, invited Fabrication lab


 From February 21 to February 24, 2018 to train students to employ ICT in daily life and graduation projects. This visit has had an effective impact on students and motivated them intellectually and practically.


A noted. Dr. Ahmed Siddiq that such visits link academic study to the labor market.



Prof. Ahmed Seddik, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, faculty members and some students in the hosting of Fabrication Lab



Faculty members and assistants at the Faculty of Engineering and students of the Faculty of Dentistry during their participation Fabrication lab



Fab lab on wheels sponsored by Al Nahda University




Students of the University of Al Nahda during the participation in the event



Students receive many information and discuss their ideas



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