Faculty of Engineering, University of Nahda Participates in scientific research at a world conference at the University of Liverpool, England

In the framework of the keenness of the University of Nahda to raise the level of scientific research and raise the quality of education, the University of Al Nahda Engineer Mustafa Mahmoud Radwan, an assistant lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering to bear tickets to participate in the publication of his scientific research at an international conference specialized in highway engineering at the University of Liverpool, February 25, 2018. The Jury and the participants praised the idea of research and the possibility of assisting the Egyptian Roads and Bridges Authority in this research in predicting the defects of pavement and the time of maintenance required before accidents on the roads. It is worth mentioning that the University of Renaissance is always seeking to support researchers in the belief in the importance of Egyptian scientific research.




Eng / Mustafa Mahmoud during the research at John Morris University in England




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