The International Regional Scientific Conference of Oral Medicine and Dentistry at Al Nahda University, Beni Suef

The Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine at Al-Nahda University in Beni Suef organized the International Conference on Oral and Dental Medicine in cooperation with the Oral and Dental Medicine Association in Beni Suef

In the presence of Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, Vice President of Al Nahda University, Dr. Yasser El Gendy, General Captain of Egypt Dentists, Dr. Mohsen Abi El Hassan, Dean of the Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine at El Nahda University, Dr. Ahmed Fouad, Beni Suef dentists and a large selection of scientists and researchers oral and dental medicine

He stressed his keenness to attend this scientific conference because it is a good opportunity to see the latest developments in the field of dentistry and keep abreast of the amazing and rapid development in this field and the opportunity to exchange experiences and find out what is new in the field of oral medicine The conference included scientific sessions, workshops and specialized lectures in the field of oral and dental, with the participation of a large selection of oral and maxillofacial surgeons from various Egyptian universities Dr. Mohsen Abi El Hassan invited the governor to inspect the dental building, which includes a specialized teaching hospital for oral and maxillofacial surgery, and serves the educational process at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education courses. The building is equipped with modern equipment that serve the treatment and education in the field of dentistry Dental implants, dental lasers, surgical microscopes, rotary devices, specialized radiographs, simulators, 3-D radiation centers, sterilization rooms and other great possibilities of the Oral Medicine Hospital Mr. Eng. Sherif Habib expressed his admiration for these great possibilities as well as the volume of services provided by the hospital to citizens and their role in treatment and awareness.


حاخفخMr. Eng. Sherif Habib - Governor of Beni Suef


حاخفخGovernor Dr. Khaled Abu El Fadl and Dr. Mohsen Abi El Hassan

photoMr. Khalid Abu El Fadl, Dr. Mohsen Abi El Hassan and Dr. Ahmed Fouad




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