Nahda University participates in the annual Olympiad of Dentistry at Ain Shams University

The University of Nahda participated in the annual dental Olympiad this year at Ain Shams University on Friday, 9 March 2018.

The university won the first place in the best poster competition thanks to students Nabeul Rami, student of the fourth division,and the student menna allah Dia.

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Mousi and Dr. Hala Helmy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, attended and supervised the participating students.

The Olympics were attended by many students from the University of Nahda who set the stage inside the competition halls by encouraging and supporting their colleagues.


President of the Scientific Society for Oral and Dental Medicine at the University of Al-Nahda Dr. Mohammad Jamal Mousi and the student Nabeul Rami and the student of menna allah Dia The winners of the Best Poster Competition

Students of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine participating in the Dental Olympiad at Ain Shams University

Photo of the delegation of the University of Nahda participating in the Olympiad Dental




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