Opening of the Pharmaceutical Design Lab, Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Nahda University

The Pharmaceutical Design Lab was inaugurated during the first scientific conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Al Nahda University on the second day of the conference Wednesday, March 7 2018, as a precedent for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Al Nahda University between Egypt's public and private universities Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Siddiq Afifi, President of the University and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dalal Abu Ela, Dean of the College where the opening was attended by Prof. Dr. Suad Abdul Khaliq, Vice President and a number of university officials.

The laboratory is specialized in partial modeling techniques as an essential step in drug discovery, building and applying the relationship between drug efficacy and synthesis, discovering chemical compounds, testing the biological activity of some chemical compounds and saving a lot of time by computer before it is synthesized in the laboratory. The new lab contains 40 computers to serve students College as well as post graduate students, he has also purchased a program from the Canadian company for use in this lab.   Dr. Hamdy Abdel Rahman, Vice Dean, gave a lecture on the importance of the design of medicines via computer and the programs used in this (MOE) and (Marvin Sketch).

Dr. Dalal Abu El-Ela delivered a lecture on the foundations of drug design and the steps of designing medicines and how to calculate and predict the effectiveness of drugs before they were created in the laboratory in order to save time and costs in the design of drugs.

A workshop was held by Dr. Yasmine Mandour, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, German University in Cairo. The workshop was attended by a number of faculty members, the supporting body and a number of students to learn about the program and how to use it.


Prof. Dr. Dalal Abou El Ela, Dean of the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Suad Abdel-Khaliq, Vice President of the University

During the opening of the pharmaceutical design laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmacy

After opening and during the laboratory

Prof. Dr. Dalal Abou El Ela, Dean of the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Suad Abdul Khaliq

A. Dr. Abdulhamid Najm Dean of the Faculty of Marketing and Business Administration

Dr. Dalal Abu El-Ela while explaining some details about the pharmaceutical design lab


Attendees in the opening of students and faculty members of the Faculty of Pharmacy



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