Faculty of Media participates in the second conference for sustainable development 2030 at Mansoura University

The Faculty of Media and Public Relations at the University of Nahda participated in a student delegation at the Conference of Sustainable Development 2030 at Mansoura University from 11-13 March 2018.

Students of the Media College participated in two initiatives, the first related to education and training, and the presentation of modern and creative methods in the development of education. The second is related to energy and scientific research, and offers methods of energy conservation in Egypt.

The group of students participating in the Energy and Scientific Research Initiative won the first conference of sustainable development at the American University last February. The students were honored and honored by Mansoura University to win their initiative.


Dr. Ahmed Ramadan Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Pharmacy and the activity officer at the conference

And students of the Faculty of Media University of Nahda

Delegation of the Faculty of Information, University of Alnahda Conference on Sustainable Development, Mansoura University


Students of the Media College participating in the conference




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