Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Sadef Afifi, students of the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Al-Nahda University, in a visit to Zamil factory in 6th of October city

In the framework of the role of the University of Al Nahda in the service of society and the University and the Faculty of Engineering to train students to compete and leadership in the labor market and to prepare a distinguished graduate, 

and under the auspices of Mr. / Mohamed Rashidi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Prof. Dr. Siddiq Afifi President of the University And Dr. Suad Abdul Khaliq, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs.

The College of Engineering was organized under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Seddik, Dean of the College

A scientific visit to the college students to visit the Zamil factory to design, manufacture and implement metal installations in 6th of October City and participated in the visit 30 students from the Department of Civil Engineering College.

 Dr. Laila Abdel Hafiz, head of the department, said that field visits to civil projects as well as construction materials manufacturing centers are an integral part of the educational process. They help enrich the intellectual and practical skills and enrich the team spirit among the students.

The visit was organized by Dr. Zeinab Ibrahim - Education Quality Officer at the Engineering Department

During the visit, the students of the Faculty of Engineering were accompanied by Eng. Dina Alaa and Eng. Dina Adly

The students were welcomed by the factory workers, headed by Eng. Khaled Saad, factory manager, engineer Ashraf Younis, technical office manager, and Mr. Adel El-Wakil, public relations officer at the factory.

Mr. Eng. Ashraf Yunus explained to the students the work system of the factory from the beginning of design until manufacturing, then Mr. Ahmed Al-Arabi explained the system and procedures of safety and safety in the factory to ensure the safety of students during the visit. The students then inspected the production lines of the factory and identified the stages of implementation of the metal installations from the beginning of its entry in the form of metal sheets to the full industrialization stage.



الطلاب أمام مصنع الزامل لتصميم وتصنيع وتنفيذ للمنشآت المعدنية بمدينة 6 أكتوبر


الطلاب أثناء شرح السيد المهندس أشرف يونس مدير المكتب الفني


جولة تفقدية للطلاب داخل المصنع



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