"Journey to the enchanted lake" wins second place at the Festival of Student Creativity at the Egyptian Opera House

The Faculty of Media and Public Relations at the University of Nahda won the second place in the Festival of Student Creativity organized by the Academy of Sunrise at the Egyptian Opera House during the period from 12-14 March 2018,

Media College won the second place for the film "Journey to the enchanted lake" under the supervision of Dr. Maha Fathi

And a. Hamdi Rabee and the implementation of students Fana Nassif, Mirna Shukri, Menna Allah Sameh and Marwa Mamdouh.

The film discussed the life of a young Syrian named Majd, who sought refuge in Egypt after the Syrian events and recovered during the work memories of his journey from Syria to Jordan to Egypt, including suffering and nostalgia for the homeland.

The students receive certificates of appreciation, and the shield of excellence is received by Prof. Adel Abdul Ghaffar, dean of the College of Information. The College will honor its students for their excellence and creative excellence.



The two students received a letter of appreciation and a gift from God. Hamdy Rabee Supervisor of the project shield of excellence in the presence of Prof. / Adel Abdul Ghaffar Dean of the Faculty of Information



Students Fana Nassif, Mirna Shukri, Mena Allah Sameh, Marwa Mamdouh and Mr. Hamdi Rabee, Project Supervisor



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