Celebration of the University of Nahda to hand over and take over the university presidency

On March 31, 2018, Al-Nahda University celebrated the graduation of the university's presidency at Beni Suef University on Saturday, March 31, 2018, which marks the culmination of a ten-year success since the opening of the university, which was founded by Prof. Dr. Sadef Afifi, who has worked all these years to serve the university and its students. Dr. Hossam El Mallahi, President of the new university.

The ceremony started with a speech by Eng. Mohamed Al-Rashidi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University, who welcomed the attendance and commended the efforts exerted by Professor Siddiq Afifi in the construction of the grand edifice and lighthouse in the Upper Egypt area to play an educational and educational role in Upper Egypt. Dr. Siddiq Afifi is a permanent honorary president of Al Nahda University. He also announced the launching of the Salim Sahab Academy for Culture and Arts to be a cultural torch in the region.

Professor Siddiq Afifi spoke and received a sharp applause from all the attendees in appreciation, respect and love for his honorable person, who welcomed the attendees and reviewed the achievements of the university achieved through ten years of effort and construction and said that the university was built with the arms of its loyal men.

Professor Hossam Al-Mallahi began his speech by praising Dr. Siddiq Afifi and expressed his happiness at the faculties of the university and the academic and technical level, which is proud of every Egyptian on the ground


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