Service & Facilities

1- Contacting faltering students and students on warning through big brother and academic advisor following up on them academically and socially until they pass this difficulty. 
2- Assigning office hours with faculty so that students can go to them and have their queries answered. 
3- Visiting major pharmaceutical factories, so that students can be acquainted with the latest developments in medical industries. 
4- Providing students with training opportunities in medical industries and big hospitals during different vacations 
5- Organizing training and educational course in the faculty as well as in the faculty educational medical factory. 
6- Assigning places for students to practice activities with a view to developing hobbies of students. 


  • Address : Beni Suef- Nile East- Traffic road .
  • Hotline: 19206
  • Fax : 0822284688
  • Email :
  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
Visitors :