Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Unit

  • The faculty has a furnished Quality Assurance Unit in third floor of administration building of the faculty and the unit is managed by the unit Board of Management (Room 4203 and Room 4213).
  • The faculty established this quality unit in 2007 and the primary objective of the unit is to create an internal system of assessment and continuous improvement and assuring the quality of performance of the educational process, research process and community services and the rehabilitation of the faculty for accreditation.
  • By the end of April 2012, the technical executive committees of supporting the follow-up of quality assurance criteria were reconstituted. In addition, an organizational structure for the unit was designated and it includes all committees and an annual plan to organize work of the unit. A certified manifest was put and an organizational structure of the unit. The Quality Assurance Unit belongs to the dean directly.




A quality expert has been hired to work as a consultant for the central unit and helps the colleges in developing the general policies of the quality system. The unit has been established and equipped with all material and human resources.
The unit participates in the various activities through the supervisor of the unit by presenting to the college council as well as at the level of the central unit through the university council and the non-scheduled meetings to present the reports and achievements.

  • In addition, the university asked the assistance of a quality expert to work as an advisor of the central unit to help faculties in putting the general policies of quality system. The unit is well equipped with all material and human resources.
  • The unit participates in the various activities through the head of the unit and also at the level of the central unit by the University Council and unscheduled meetings for the presentation of reports and achievements.

Vision and Mission of Quality Assurance Unit and its goals and objectives

Vision: Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy looks to become one of the most important corresponding units at the national level and represent a leading center of excellence in the field of application to ensure the quality of education activities, and the cornerstone of access to the college community confidence acquire and regional and international cooperation in research activities and community service provided by the college.

Mission: Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy undertakes to establish an internal system to evaluate institutional comprehensive, continuous and educational order to achieve the vision and mission of the college so as to ensure the continued development of all systems supporting the efficiency of the educational process to produce graduates qualified and means and high quality and able to compete, as well as community service.

And Unit aims to achieve ultimate goals and strategic objectives of the faculty through a commitment to:

Goals and objectives

the tasks and responsibilities (policy)

  1. Developing the strategic plan for the faculty
  • Formulating the vision and the mission and the ultimate goals of the faculty and its continuous updating.
  • Revealing the mission and vision and ultimate goals.
  • Studying the internal and external environmental factors of the faculty and conduct environmental analysis SWOT
  1. Develop a system to evaluate and analyze the performance
  • Questionnaires to evaluate the performance of management and faculty members and their teaching assistants and staff of the faculty.
  • Questionnaires to assess the educational process.
  • Analysis of performance evaluation models and feedback audition.
  1. self-assessment and continuous improvement
  • Activating the role of internal audition and quality management systems committees.
  • Activating the role of the educational curriculum.
  • Workshops - training courses.
  1. Awareness and training in the field of quality assurance and rehabilitation of the adoption
  • disseminate the culture of quality among faculty staff (faculty members and their teaching assistants, students and administrators )
  • Holding training courses and workshops seminars in the field of quality.
  • Holding training sessions for faculty members to prepare programme and course descriptions and courses and write reports for each programs of study, as well as measurement, assessment and evaluation.
  1. Technical support for departments to spread the concept of quality
  • Activation of the committee of the unit through departments and administrations.
  • Helping departments in designing the course description and preparing self – annual reports.
  • Writing programme and course reports, as well as measurement and assessment and evaluation.
  1. Coordination between all administrative and academic departments
  • Institutionalizing the concept of teamwork within the faculty.
  • An annual self – assessment of the performance of the activities of the faculty: the achievement of the mission - the structure and methods of management - faculty staff members - academic standards and educational programs - the quality of educational opportunities - research - community involvement - Quality Management .
  1. Progress of the accreditation
  • Achieving standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance.
  • Preparing for the visit of the National Authority for Quality Assurance.
  • Implementation of the plan of the continuous development and rehabilitation of quality accreditation project.



  1. Course Specifications New Curriculum
  2. Course Specifications Old Curriculum
  3. الدراسة الذاتية لكلية الصيدلة جامعة النهضة
  4. الخطه الأستراتيجية
  5. اللائحة الداخلية لكلية الصيدلة
  6. اللائحة لمرحلة البكالوريوس
  7. Programme Specification New Curriculum
  8. Programme Specification Old Curriculum
  9. الهيكل العام للبرنامج الدراسي
  10. الهيكل العام للبرنامج الدراسي قديم
  11. استراتيجية التعليم والتعلم
  12. الهيكل التنظيمي لطلاب الجمعية
  13. الهيكل التنظيمي لاتحاد الطلاب
  14. الفوائد التى ستعود على الكلية بعد إعتمادها
  15. الهيكل التنظيمي
  16. الهيكل التنظيمي لوحدة ضمان الجودة
  17. المعايير المعتمده لإختيار القيادات الاكاديمية
  18. التوصيف الوظيفي
  19. وثيقة القيم الجوهرية واخلاقيات البحث العلمي
  20. خطة المشاركة المجتمعية و تنمية البيئة


















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