Service & Facilities


Faculty provides equipped Laboratories and Workshops to develop students learning skills in every scientific branch.

1.    BASIC SCIENCES department LABS

Include the following laboratories: 

Physics labs.

Computer labs.

Chemical Engineering lab.

2. Electrical Engineering Department (Communication and Computer engineering) Labs

Include the following laboratories: 

Electrical circuits laboratory.

Electrical measurements & testing laboratory.

Analogue and digital circuits laboratory.

We have an integrated circuit design laboratory.

Digital signal processing laboratory. 

Microcontrollers & applications laboratory.

Microprocessors & applications laboratory.

Optical communication laboratory.

Digital communication laboratory.

Antennas and wave propagation laboratory.

Electrical communication laboratory.

Programming languages laboratory.


  1.  CIVIL ENGINEERING department Labs.
  2. Include the following laboratories:
  3. Material laboratory.
  4. Surveying laboratory.
  5. Concrete technology laboratory.
  6. Hydraulic laboratory.
  7. Sanitary engineering laboratory.
  8. Soil mechanics & foundation laboratory.


  1.  Architectural ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LabS.
  2. Include the following laboratories:
  3. Optical & visual training laboratory.
  4. Building construction laboratory.
  5. Building materials laboratory.
  6. Tools and equipment are available in numbers by which enable each student to do practical experiments individually.


Operating machines in the existing shops allow division of the students into groups of five students, and then each student has direct hands-on training to conduct exercises required.

• Workshop of Operating Machines located in the workshops Building at the Faculty of Engineering.

• Welding Workshop located in the workshops Building at the Faculty of Engineering.

• Workshop of Wood-working Machinery located in the workshops Building at the Faculty of Engineering.

• Floors and cladding workshop.



By qualified Staff Members & Staff Members Assistants, Faculty gives academic and scientific instructions to all students who desire to develop their academic performance. All of this is done through a unique program called "Big Brother."

IV.          LIBRARY

The library includes many references and textbooks which help students developing their scientific knowledge and enhancing their scientific comprehension.

VII.        Student activities and other services:

Summer camps.

Scientific and recreational trips.

Inventors care center.

English language program.

Support Unit of e-learning.

E-mail to each student.

University Dental Hospital.

Indoor Minibus



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  • Fax : 0822284688
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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