The student training and development center works to support students scientifically and morally. It prepares them with skills to meet the requirements of the labor market and supports their competitive drive and leadership ability.    The center operates to communicate with students in order to solve problems and questions they face during their academic career, and welcomes the suggestions and ideas of students, supports them in every way available, and helps to expand on their skills.   

Summer Training 

Students are trained during the half year vacation and summer vacation in many important facilities related to their specialties in preparation for employment after graduation.    First: Faculty of Marketing  A large number of students are trained in the following areas: - 

1- Egyptian Central Bank 

2- Bank of Egypt 

3- Horizon Banking Center 

4- National Bank of Egypt 

5- Egyptian Stock Exchange 

6- Various industrial and commercial institutions   

Second: Faculty of Pharmacy 

1- Sayed Pharmaceutical Company 

2- Serum and Vaccine Holding Company 

3- Fizer Pharmaceuticals 

4- El Ezaby Pharmacy Group 

5- Hospital 57357 for Children 

6- General Hospital in Beni Suef 

7- Fayoum General Hospital 

8- External training at the University of Brach, Germany.     

Third: Faculty of Communications 

1- Media Production City 

2- Radio and Television Union in Masspero 

3- Ahram, Gomhoria and Akhbar Al Youm institutions.     

Fourth: Faculty of Computing

1- Smart Village.   

Fifth: Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine  The training is conducted at the University Dental Hospital, which is equipped with the latest oral and dental techniques and the most specialized professors from Egypt and abroad.  


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  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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