Vision & Mission


Excellence in Performance in the Dental Field and Being Internationally Recognized as Pioneer in Education, Research and Community Services


Building scientifically qualified, practical, and ethically committed cadres can effectively influence preventive and curative oral and dental medicine through a distinguished integrated study program that keeps pace with the era and scientific research that stimulates innovation and creativity and provides community services compatible with quality standards. 

Strategic Objectives:

The first Objective: Contributing to the formation of dentists in a scientific, moral, intellectual, and cultural training that is integrated and compatible with the requirements of the era and its variables and based on techniques

The second Objective: To provide means for continuous development for graduates to prepare them for practical and distinguished participation to invest the wealth of society, achieve its growth and development, and support its capabilities.

The third objective: maximizing the Faculty's role as a center of education, Culturing, and enlightenment that radiates its scientific and intellectual contributions locally, regionally, and internationally while preserving the Egyptian identity and national affiliation.

The Fourth Objective: Increase institutional capacity and maximize utilization of the available potentials to provide educational, research, and community services according to international standards.

The Fifth Objective: The organized and effective participation in the development and growth of the knowledge stock in line with the needs of society and the requirements of its economic, social, and cultural development and contributes to increasing its competitiveness.

Strategic Plan


Core Values